Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why do women smell worse than a man if she miss one shower?

He misses one and he is passible.
I'd say it's just their perception.
Most women DO NOT smell worse than a man if they miss a shower.
One day God was walking and talking with Adam and God said "Where is Eve?" Adam said "She is bathing in th ocean." God said "Oh no! Now all the fish are going to smell like that!"
It really depends.A lot of things we eat are secreted through our skin so you might not be what you eat, but you could smell like it.It also depends what you did when you skipped that shower. If you sat on the couch all day it would be different than if you were cleaning chicken coops all day.
I don't agree as well. I think that it is a man that smells worse. I guess, however, it depends on the person, how much the person weighs, what they ate, how much sweating did they do. Hope this helps :)
Hormones are not the same on a womans body than a mans. And due to a lot of other factors (especially when on her period) women are in a need of more hygiene maintenance than a man.that doesnt mean men should skip showers unless camping or something.
Because they are dirty vile creatures by nature.
because women have more holes than men
maybe women basically are dirtier
Honesty, I've never noticed that! You would think that the guy would reek more.. Maybe its because of the "special woman parts" which can cause some odor probs!
Saddam stated that men need to take a shower a day , preferably 2 , women need to take two showers a day preferably 3 , because women smell worst than men. HE also said you don't want your children walking behind you , smelling off your hip.It just a thing I heard Iraq man tell on Saddam on TV and I had a real good laugh, but even though he was Dictator that everyone hated , he must have know cleanliness. That is what his lovers was always saying about him, being so clean.
just take a bath and dont worry about it
It's just depends on what an individual eats and their activities.The only thing I noticed on humans are those people who are heavy smells more bad plus those who eats strong foods smells like curries.
our orifice is opened up for business. then it's the urinating thing that runs over the opening.

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